About Us

Ambarazul, LLC is a Delaware company with its main office in the Dominican Republic. We are here in the amber business since beginning of the century. We are amber dealers, mainly concentrating on Dominican blue amber (=Ambar Azul). But over the years we happen to stumble over quite a treasure of inclusions in amber, some of them extremely, others moderate unique or just curious. Some of them we keep in our collection and others we make available to the public.

Working with amber here in the Caribbean also made us aware of Colombian Copal which is much younger than Dominican amber or even Dominican Copal. (Yes, there is also some copal in the Dominican Republic although is is not commercially mined or sold.) But, even if we assume that Colombian Copal is only 2 to 3 million years old or a few thousand years, it still is extremely important to study biodiversity, biogeography, ecology and other related subjects based on its inclusions. Therefore, we have included it in our collection of amber inclusions.

We don’t pretend to know everything or have all the answers. We are still learning on a daily basis about the mysteries surrounding our present and past. You are invited to hang around and just look at some of our highlights.If you have questions, just contact us. If you have suggestions, do the same. If you are interested in some amber inclusions you find on this site, let us know. We may even sell them. smiley-face-1

Ambarazul, LLCOf course, the real old Caribbean AMBER comes from the Dominican Republic. But Colombia also has a Caribbean coast. So you could call it “Caribbean amber” which in fact is commercially done after it has been treated, but it has become fairly widespread that all fossil resin from Colombia is called “copal”. Far and away the most fossiliferous amber originates in Colombia. The amber versus copal distinction is lost on many geologists and paleontologists that are aware that scientific data is unavailable to determine the age of fossil resins from this region. The consensus age estimate seems to be Pleistocene (up to 2 million years old), but estimates range even to the Lower Miocene (up to 20 millions). 

Reten Militar ColombiaThough geological studies are unlikely soon in this region that is still controlled to certain degree by drug cartels, it seems safe conjecture that there is a large range of age across different deposits, similar to that of the Dominican Republic. In the Dominican Republic, mine cave-ins are a danger for some of the older deposits; in Colombia the danger might be AK47’s of the drug producers. Whether amber or copal, young or old, the fossil insects and other arthropod inclusions and their associations are truly sublime in Colombian amber. Perhaps the most impressive aspect of Colombian amber to those with a scientific propensity is the wonderful fossil associations. So many species are often in association that the specimen will represent an ecological cross section of an ancient rainforest.

We are your partner in supplying Dominican Amber Inclusions as well as Colombian Amber Inclusions (or Colombian Copal Inclusions).